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Mixup: Ragashanti Leaving LinkUP Radio


It’s been less than a year since Jamaican radio personality Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart moved to LinkUp Radio 93.5FM in New York.

But Mr. Mixup may already be on his way out.

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A close source to LinkUp exclusively told Urban Islandz that Ragashanti has handed over his resignation to the radio station manager David “Squeeze” Annakie.

“No details were given as to what date the Mix Up star would be leaving, but we have learned he has handed in his resignation to LinkUp Radio Manager David “Squeeze” Annakie,” the source said.

Ragashanti joined LinkUp Radio last year after Bro Gary, the previous host of the show, had some issues with management.

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Reggae singer Gramps Morgan also did a short stint at LinkUp Radio, but he too fell out with manager Squeeze and vacate his post.

It is not clear if Ragashanti had similar issues with the management. He could not be reached for a comment.

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  • James Maxwell

    Ragashanti need fi bring him show go pon urbanislandz mainstream radio stations cyan hold him.

  • Howie Rialcnis

    Damn, another loss! He will be missed. looking for his next venture!

  • Jacqueline Marston Blake

    I will truly miss his show that was my early morning breakfast I wake up to Ragashanti in the morning I miss him already.

  • CharlMissunderstood Phipps

    This is a blow to the entire West Indian diaspora in the Tri-State area that Raga is leaving WVIP. But Raga, nuh watch nuh face ya’a….You ah God Bless Pickiney, and no cra$$es cyan hold you down. You need to continue in your professional path. I have a few choice options…if you’re looking to be an adjunct professor, my School/College can use you.

  • CharlMissunderstood Phipps

    You can have your own Internet radio….Just link me if you need info…I will truly miss you RaggaShanti!!!!!!