Fi mi mama
Where would I be lord
Where would I be
Where would I be without my mama

(Verse 1)

Mummy mi love you there is nothing mi put above you
No house nor no girl, nor no car
Stand firm in a mi life nothing no budge you
From mi born mi an you a spar
Mummy you a mi princess, mummy you a mi dan
First lady in a mi life an girl haffi understand
Special dedication to the middle man
From yo love you mama meck mi si yo hand


So buss a blank fi yo mama
Lighter fi yo mama
Selector you better pull up da one yah fi yo mama
Proud a yo mama, sing loud fi yo mama
And meck shi know you happy she bring you come yah
From yo heart help mi sing this one
From yo love yo mama like this man
There is no one like my mama no

(Verse 2)

Mama never had it easy at times
That is why sometimes shi cry
Many days I dont know how we survive
She seh no rate will divide
We held on cause a mama teachings
And in the scripture shi better believe in
Real thing if a never mama I wouldn’t be living

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)

Hey yow a fi mi mama this
Yes a fi mi mama this
You wi get mi first an mi last yes all a this
A fi mi mama this
Yes a fi mi mama this
Anything yo want you a get this a mi promise
So anything yo want anything at all
Anything you need mama no fraid fi call
A this yo get yo son far

(Repeat Chorus)

  • Lissa Kims

    mi loooove
    for mi Mama

  • Nasri El Calasifico Pirez

    yap nothing possible without mamma.

  • Lewiz de Hanz

    Crying*** tears*** miss u so much mummy

  • Jose Diaz

    looks great love for his mama thanks for this song so beautiful god bless you my friend.

  • Jose Diaz

    that song more beautiful this man is a great composer.

  • Alfredo Acosta

    dadicada pa la mia, amo a mi mama.

  • Learnmore Sunny Saidi

    Nyc love it.

  • Harold Graham Tyaba

    good for mama all around the world.

  • Jagenda Metrofm

    this song lyrics made me shade tears……..mama////.

  • Beeniie Marley

    this music is too shocking.