Happy birthday Adidja Palmer / Vybz Kartel / Worl’Boss / Di Teacha.

Incarcerated dancehall star Vybz Kartel celebrate his 37th birthday today behind bars.

Vybz Kartel – Divine Love [New Music]

Kartel, who has been in jail awaiting trial since 2011, was born on January 7, 1976.

Vybz Kartel was arrested in September of 2011 and later slapped with two murder charge, as well as, illegal possession of firearm, marijuana, and conspiracy. He returns to court later this month where he is set to begin trial.

Prosecution Star Witness Bad Vybz Kartel’s Defense

Despite his physical absence from the dancehall, Kartel has remained relevant through a slew of new music from his label Adidjahiem Records. Reps for the deejay told Urban Islandz that these new music were previously recorded material.

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