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Konshens Ft. Tiffa – Destiny Lyrics

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A yo man that
Mi no know him
Who yo deh yah wid
Mi two friend
Beg you a wine no
Take a wine no

Nice clean man a you mi waan wine up pon
Good good gyal mi no have mi eye pon no other one
Real hot bwoy mi waan you at jeminie
Independent girl you fi come rock my world


Deh wine yah a destiny
Deh wine yah a destiny
Deh gyal yah body meck fi mi
Mi believe seh deh gyal yah body meck fi mi

How you mean deh wine yah a destiny
Deh wine yah a destiny
No other man cyan step to mi
A huger designer a step fi mi

{Verse 1}

Wah yo seh
Nuff man a look mi
A lie nuff gyal a look me to
Man a gimmi dem pin
Gyal a gimmi dem pin email everything
Dem seh dem waan spend paw mi
So wah gyal a set dem friend paw mi
Mi no know why mi waan you so
A same way mi a pree you
An a so mi know

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Mi know you llove it when mi bubble an catch
Bubble bend over an wine pon that
Yo feel it a fi him it
Yes that fat
Calypso catch that cat
Catch di cat
Kitty per
Mi no eat no kissy fer
Tell you friend dem gwaan left you
Tonight a mi a get you
You never know

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro from nice clean}

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

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