Lyrics for Black Ryno song “Funeral Bell.”


One song
How wi fi fraid a daemon a country an wi make dem a town
Bwoy naw no head


Ring di funeral bell
DI funeral bell
All di pastor rejoice seh mi send back di daemon a hell

Ring di funeral bell di funeral bell
Every body a take weh when di funeral a get shell

{Verse 1}

Mi no have no head caw mi a war wid di dead
Tell bright light seh fi walk wid di spread
Yo send fi a sayani pass mi di lead
When mi dog a bark every man a get shell
MI dragon send di black palanti
Meck bwoy drop an gap an kick
Mi send fi every letter in a di alphabet
But a di K mi take out an balance it

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Yeh no fraid a bwoy caw mi born evil
Yeh mi born bad like Carlito
Try no tell mi bout no middle a night
In a di middle a di day man horn people
Some dark soldier some dark vehicle
Fly by with some dark eagle
Di middle a di day man a search fi dem
Full dem up a haha like dark eagle

{Repeat Chorus}