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Spice – Run Joe Run Lyrics

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Lyrics Spice Run Joe Run
Spice lyrics Run Joe Run


Wine fast an dem mi wine slow
Mi a wine an a think bout Joe
Arch mi back an tip up paw mi toe
Mi ready fi go put on a show

{Verse 1}

In a mi bed lay down a meck a call
Waan Joe come climb up mi wall
Mood wa mi inna me well turn on
An di body start feel like when rain a fall
But as mi an Joe start to play
Mi hear di big turbo bus in a di drive way
Mi man a soldier an mi never member
Seh pon a Wednesday him come back home half day


Run Joe run
Mi hear mi husband a come

Run Joe run
Mi hear mi husband a come

Run Joe run
Mi hear mi husband a come

Mi bonefy man a come

{Verse 2}

The way mi man love this yah thing wa mi got
If him could a pon me him would a put a pad lock
If him catch yo mi know seh a straight dove cot
Dust yo out like mat cause him fast like that
If mi man did know how fi fulfilled mi dream
Mi wouldn’t haffi cheat an go do di extreme
An no bun a di whole factory mi give him
Joe shot out a here like a M-16

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Mi a wine up mi body fling it pon Joe grine
Bubble mi a bubble an a bump an grine
Tick pon time no care if he’s mine
Thief mi a thief an a have a good time
Body catch a fire mi ready fi gwaan bad
Excite mi meck mi all a jump like mi glad
A no Moses but mi waan yo bless mi wid di rod
If mi man hold yo yuh haffi run like yo mad

{Repeat Chorus}

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