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I-Octane – Black Woman Lyrics

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I-Octane lyrics Black Woman
Lyrics I-Octane Black Woman


Dem seh yuh a the worst thing pon the planet
Dem seh yuh a lugish some seh yuh a trash


But black woman a you mi want yaw star
Black woman
Black woman
A you mi need
You mi need yea

Black woman
Black woman
Black woman
A you mi want yaw star

Black woman
Black woman
A you mi need
You mi need

{Verse 1}

Black woman mi no care if yuh a exure
Or yuh usto ride da brother deh R6
Or da one yah F4
Mi no care if yuh sleep wid the brother next door
Mi no care if dem seh yuh worser than a bed sore
Cause yuh a my girl now
Baby yuh in a my world now
Just because dem did a prepare fi yo love
A mi a get it free so dem a pree

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Black woman mi no want yuh fi full yuh up a dutty meds
Mi no want yuh fi come mi want yuh fi gimmi heads
Black woman mi no in a that
Want yuh have mi kids an cook mi dinner gimmi that
Black woman never know seh mi could a deal wid a girl like yuh
Girl like yuh yea
But mi fall in love so mi serve an sikes
So mi no care if the world like yuh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Black woman I need your love like nothing before
Nothing before black woman
That’s why mi write this song fi show yuh seh mi love yuh
Black woman a yuh mi want every day every second a the time
Black woman just a run up an down in a mi mine
Wooy Wooy Wooy

{Repeat Chorus}

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