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Lyrics: QQ – Stookie

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QQ lyrics Stookie
QQ Stookie lyrics

So weh dem a say Colour
Eheh, Mr.Wacky seh fi move dem waist
This a di brand new dance weh name stook dem
An we Stook dem so easy.So weh dem a do so fah?
Mi no know
Ah wah a cause dem.A di brand new dance weh name Stookie a run ah run pass dem.So QQ afta we come first,weh dem come dead-dead-dead-dead last
Ah dis we a say

What cha gonna say
What cha gonna do
Stookie x4

Verse 1:
(Girl)I like the way you move
I like the way you groove
I like the way you set me on fire
I like the way you feel
I know that this is real you taking me higher and higher

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Da one ya build up by the Q-squad
Dance easy no maddy maddy mad
When yu a do it yu fi gladdy gladdy glad
Colour Colour style it baddy baddy bad
Ding Dong, Keva, Stacy and Taz
Reggie Villa, Greggy Dread pop off yu tag
Stookie to the reggae and just (Mad Michelle)
Stookie to the reggae and just (jump)

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Every man grab a girl and just Stookie
Mek she dip an go down an Stookie
Mek she turn and twist an Stookie
Like a flight yu a tek yu haffi Bookie
Fire House,TG ah dance to di Stookie
England, Cayman ah dance to di Stookie
Up inna di club we a dance to di Stookie
Its easy,Its easy

Repeat Chorus

(Mr.Wacky seh fi move dem waist)

(American ladies dancing)
(Jamaican ladies dance,England ladies dance)

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