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Lyrics: Shane O – Fly Di Girl

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Shane O lyrics Fly Di Girl
Shane O Fly Di Girl lyrics

Hey babes wake up nuh look how long
Yuh have mi outside a knock yuh window
Window wow any way yuh from a Shane-o

Fly di grill nuh mi wah come in now
Di something wah run-in now
Weh yuh seh yuh have daughter mek mi put
Son in now
Mek di fire gwan bunin now
Weh yu seh yu madda dey deh, deh
Yuh likle bredda deh deh
Go roun to di window and put a ladda deh deh
Mek mi climb up wine up and put de dagga deh deh
Di something mek yu stagga deh deh

Verse 1:
Hey girl from di van deh deh
Weh yuh seh yuh man deh deh
Him ago cuss yuh if wi put di lang deh deh
Like plane di suhmn land deh, deh
When mi dun yuh afi put di standing fan deh deh

Repeat Chorus (X2)

Verse 2:
If yuh granny in de house turn up di music
Mek shi feel like a cd a play
Meanwhile set good set up the right way
Mek we play wid it di whole day
Look how long yuh nuh si mi look how long mi
No si yu weh yu drink yu want a apple jay
Suppligen yu wah yu chest too damnin high
When mi dun wid yu betta pray.

Repeat Chorus (X2)

Verse 3:
Hey girl a wey yu did dey
Long time mi no see yu a wey yu did dey
Memba yu sey
If yu no gimi di suhm’n
Mi fi look inna yu face an sey
Move and gu wey
Yu nuh roo yu nuh ray
Gi mi sue all fay
Mi no carry tielli inna mi pants
Mi nu chini
Mi nu chi ong chung seh

Repeat Chorus (X2)

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