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Shabba Ranks lyrics Holla Fi Buddy
Shabba Ranks Holla Fi Buddy lyrics

Now oman yuh know seh yuh tan bad if yuh waah let off di work and nuh waah ask fi callatarals
We mean dollaz
And yuh know some gal have some likkle dirty mentality hear how dem stay

Chorus (x2)
Dem just a holla fi buddy and dem nuh waah nuh money
Cry fi di buddy and dem nuh waah nuh mo

Verse 1:
Oman, a oman need money to buy har necessary
Like makeup kit to paint up like apache
Look pon di young gal face how it so pretty
Like she a advertise berger paint pon t.v.
Talking to young gal listen to mi keenly
Discharge rotten out di seat a yuh panty
An wen it rotten out yuh waah one fi replace it
A decent oman nuh wear a drawz if it holey holey
Wuss if di place cold and it so wetty
Suuurrrrrrrrrrrrpppp ketch a cold inna punauny
But some gal they are buddy crazy
Hollaring fah buddy nuh waah defend money
Gal rememba $100 bill dat a weh yuh nuh si
And u.s dollaz a come frequently
Tek di careless ten and di careless twenty
If yuh have dat yuh cyaah die fi hungry

Repeat Chorus (x1)

Verse 2:
Come now
Shabba ranks him affi let off money
Doh want him gal look like ole lady
Waah guh to dance and to party
Look how she trash(dress good) and she ready
Hear waapm to a gal dat’s buddy crazy
Lay down pon har back and she tek in buddy
Now it reach a stage of pregnancy
Daddy sey a nuh fi him unwanted pikiny(child)
If she nuh bring it she turn to a cemetry(baby killer)
Dat’s why mi respect mi gal and give money

Repeat Chorus (x1)

Verse 3:
Young gal pikiny yuh betta defend money
Cause yuh waah trash and looking ready
Put on clothes as a decent lady
If yuh nuh have money yuh nuh big in society
If yuh nuh have money mi know seh yuh nuh ready
Let off di work just ask fi money
Yuh waah panty fi cova punauny
Yuh waah soap fi guh wash yuh punauny

Repeat Chorus (x1)

Verse 4:
Sista jackie she nuh holla fi buddy
Before she work, waah some money
Ninja man him affi let off money
Look how him girl trash and she ready
Push up yuh hand if yuh nuh holla fi buddy
Whine aroun if yuh nuh holla fi buddy

Repeat Chorus (x1)

Verse 5:
Uptown girls yes waah money
Downtown girls yes waah money
And push up yuh hand if yuh love yuh money
And jump aroun yuh nuh holla fi buddy

Repeat Chorus (x1)

Repeat Verse 1

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