Fantan Mojah Ft. Jah Cure lyrics Nuh Build Great Man
Fantan Mojah Ft. Jah Cure Nuh Build Great Man lyrics

If you had the power to change just one thing what would it be?
Well change the system me see my self as a bless of art of and a mission because i come see it one way ( why me Jah Jah)

Jah Cure:
Da Da Da Di Di Doe NaNa Na Nea
A whoa yeah, a whoa yeah

Dem nuh build great man,
dem only kill great man
Babylon be still ah nuh underate man
some a ball satan, an ah work fi Pope John
Can’t let them overcome x2

{Verse 1: (Jah cure)
Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Umandel free I tin-a-so
Nitty Gritty, Poppa Richie yeah,
Can’t let them get you down iniquity
country and town it nuh pretty,
Mankind will take your crown cuz dem living sh-tty, a lucky ting seh rasta nuh licky licky,
Babylon caan let the streets nar trick yeah
nooo yeah.

{Repeat Chorus:]

{Verse 2: (Fantan Mojah)
(Oh no no no no)
The more youths dem kill see another one rise and give babylon a surprise…
Bose I, Bose I, Bose I, Bose I, a poverton I children cry.
I pray for equal rights and justice for my people everyday,
Forbidden fruit in the garden,
we have to weed a bound weed a bound
Forbidden fruit in the garden,
we have to weed a bound weed a bound.

{Verse 3: (Jah Cure)
Dem kill Malcom X and Martin Luther King,
a di same ting dem bring off on Rodney King,
Millions vex, still dem couldn’t do nothing, king Selassie mi sing yeah.
Some a fling fiya bolt some a flash lightning, king selassie mi king yeah.
Dem caan break the joys or my love within, Selassie I pickney sing yeah.
World a cry for the love we bring an…
(Fantan Mojah)- Rastafari is everyting yeah.
To the powers I will ask the king,
Dem can’t do the rasta man a thing.

{r}Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 4: (Jah Cure)
Great is great, should not be underate,
great is great, should be appreciate.
See a birth of greatness try your best to endorse it, don’t play bad mind and pass it.
Working dem tricks beg u water in ah basket,
king selassie mi ask this,
Fiya roots and yuh culture dem do not ask this Rasta come fi endorse this yeah…ohhhhh ahhaaaa
Endorse this…. yeah yeah
Babylon dem nuh build we…,
From dem see how we great dem a try hard fi kill we..
But still I’m surviving, Jah Cure Stay alive in yeah…

{Repeat Chorus:}