Fantan Mojah lyrics Blood Of My People
Fantan Mojah Blood Of My People lyrics

A fantan mojah(yes)
And I ford
Just mek a steppin for the youths dem
Bless us oh jah
Justice around here
Now equal right(we need)
So to chant for our own(chant)
Babylon mi put zone
I ford I want tell dem wah gwaan burn demmmm

So many hearts are broken
So many things are stolen
The blood of my people is on your shoulder
So many hearts are broken
So many things are stolen
The innocent blood is on your shoulder

{Verse 1:}
Wicked man dem carry us away from africa
Many many many many miles away
Dem have my father inna captivity
Abuse my mama and weh
Dem put shackles and chain on my brothers feet
I tell you start we must ??
If it wasnt for the powers of the most high jah
I wouldn’t be around today

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 2:}
For the wicked there are will be no ?? place
I can see the guiltiness shown in own your face
Think dem get weh scorch fi we still deh pon dem case
Coulddd run run run yuh see cannot escape
Manking should be peaceful
And not deceitful
Depart from evil nuh mek dem deceive you
Body fi ??? that will mislead you
Cleaning in your thoughts the most high will receive you

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 3:}
Babylon you betta counter
Have you ever heard of di real black panther
Nuh wicked man can come inna di ???
All the wrongs you have done
Yes yuh betta answer
Oh fyah bun wooo
Why cant we love our brothers
Why cant we love our sisters
Why cant we love each other
And live in unity

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Repeat Verse 1:}

{Repeat Chorus:}

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