Daville lyrics Prey A Little Harder
Daville Prey A Little Harder lyrics

I’m gonna say a prayer for my people

Dear God I thank you for another day
I pray today you’ll make things go my way
Guide and protect and secure my family
I’ll even say a prayer for my enemies
I pray that my daughters never stray
And my sons wont get caught up in no gun play
Too much things a gwan
And me tired of the war
So I pray for a peacful day

Father if I pray a little harder
Will my people cease to war and embrase the peace
Father if I pray a little harder
Will the murder and the killing and the shooting cease
Father if I pray a little harder
Will the government recognize the youth them needs
Father if I pray a little harder
Will you come and rescue me

I know you see the struggle that my people face
Everday there’s a ransom murder case?
But I’m gonna destroy and go up in
Saying this prayer, cause to you I’m putting all my faith
Oh God sometimes I wanna run away
But I know your gonna show me a better day
No matter what evil people say
Say a little prayer today

{Repeat Chorus}

May the words of my mouth
Be acceptable in thy house
Oh Lord be my guide
Be my light in this tower
Come on and rescue my people
Lead them away from evil
Please show them the way
I pray

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}

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