Lyrics: Sizzla – I was Born

Sizzla lyrics I was Born
Sizzla I was Born lyrics

I was born in a system that doesn’t give a fu*k
About you nor me nor the life…of our kids
Keep my guns load, you never know,
Just in case things get frig
That’s just the way I live, yeah!
That’s me, yeah! As is

{Verse 1}
Don’t come misbehaving, don’t take it slight
Behave your self when you’re making it right
Don’t be a victim of things I do too survive
Cause I won’t wish you any good, you Babylonians
Disrespect coming out their mouth (oooh)
Now you get me mad
I shove it down your throat
You know, I burn babylon,
Wi ain’t got nothing in common
I’m a son of Soloman
Telling me lies ain’t gonna get you nowhere
Now you turn a side to…
You can chatta but I see my lips can suffer
Yow when I get rich you can touch them fool but not this
If yo diss then yo dead, pow mother fer go ahead
Because I won’t be playing
To pump your fing head full a lead (yeah)
That’s the way I live, yeah thats me as is

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Informer say they spot mah gun, what gun?
Could’nt be my shot gun
Last fool that spot that gun, drop down
I was born in a corrupted system it doesn’t give a fu*k
About you nor me nor the life…of our lovely kids
I keep my guns load, you never know,
Things get frig
That’s just how I live.

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