Sizzla lyrics Aint Gonna See Us Fall
Sizzla Aint Gonna See Us Fall lyrics

At this appointed time I’d like to let you know.
We give thanks and praise onto the most high Selassie I
Whoa !
Cast away all your fears hear
You don’t worry let me see you wipe you tears
Yea you know I love you.

All my black people and all a my thugs
All you little children and the those women I love
They ain’t gonna see us fall
They ain’t gonna see us fall
Share all my riches and I sing for my fan
Love mama Africa let me see your hands
They ain’t gonna see us fall
They ain’t gonna see us fall.

Verse 1:
Unpleasent aprasal they dont stop me
Wow with the usless where my catch be
Oh with the people that’s where my catch be
Oh those pegans think they can at me
Oh judgement we face them
From they’re pegans we got to erase them
Girls on the roof and the thugs in the basement
Playin music for the war love is the replacement.

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Pray on to most high, he helped me
I want to see all my people living wealthy
Take care of yourself and be healthy
Go to Mount Zion I thats where your blessing be
Wow that’s a bomb
Ethiopia Africa thats where we’re from
Glad that my nation going strong
Yuh sing my song.

{Repeat Chours}

{Verse 3}
Ras Tafari your my tower of strength
And every hour that JAH sent
I take the time to pray and tell him thanks
Within your ends the most high what created the earth and the events
No time to pretend
Tell yuh enemy tell yuh friend
Word without end.

{Repeat Chours 2 X}