We knew it was coming and its finally here.

Dancehall star Mr. Vegas drop a new single “Bare Tingz” addressing the ongoing cheating drama with his baby mother Shellian McBayne.

“The gal no give me no ratings, not even pot scrapings, this a gal a gwaan with bare things, turn my house in a days inn, gone with my life savings… when you a fall in love, make sure you no fall too deep, the gal have man a broke it down in a my bed and now me gone sleep,” Mr. Vegas deejay over a dancehall beat produced by MV Music Production.

VIDEO: Mr. Vegas Tell All, Regrets Posting Drama On Facebook, Responds To Baby Mama Interview

Source close to the “Bruk It Down” deejay told Urban Islandz that he will be shooting a video for the single in the coming weeks.

Sound off below.

  • Sherry Phillips

    She to f–kin nasty..He right

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  • keyshs

    Give the man a break it’s better him mek song than to hurt them everybody deal with them pain differently

  • James Maxwell

    Vegas its time to move on.

  • that’s the life son move on.

  • your not dissin her your dissin urself a *** hole.