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Assassin – Move And Gweh
Assassin – Move And Gweh

Check check, yeah di mic sound nice but
Tun up di headphone a likkle more, nice, a murda, hear mi now
Tell who dem a use to see yuh don’t see yuh now
All who neva use to gi yuh love and nuh respect
Tell dem nuh bodda gi yuh none, watch yah now

[Verse 1]
Yo! Nobody nah deh deh when nuttin nah gwaan fi yuh
Dem expect nuttin but scorn to yuh
But now a new day dawn fi yuh
Jah bless yuh, so much start gwaan fi yuh
Now! Everybody a run to yuh
Di cold shoulda dem get warm to yuh
All who deh gwaan do harm to yuh
A swarm to yuh, and a show charm to yuh
But wah!

Mek di whole a dem MOVE AND GWEH!
(Find a new friend!) tell dem fi MOVE AND GWEH!
(Dem a nuh true friend) mek di whole a dem MOVE AND GWEH!
Weh mi seh, tell dem fi MOVE AND GWEH!
(Those haters!) Tell di whole a dem MOVE AND GWEH!
(Traitors!) Mek di whole a dem MOVE AND GWEH!
They only wanna get in yuh paper, they nuttin but scrapers
So tell dem fi MOVE AND GWEH!

[Verse 2]
Cause! When yuh did start cau yuh deh go through di mark
Nobody nuh help yuh move from deh
Or when yuh deh broke dem neva gi yuh a buck
Or even once she see two grand deh!
But now yuh pass yuh inna most advance
Fan deh try deh new brand deh
Now! See yuh car and yuh new van deh
Dat dem a crash, tell dem fi

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Yo! Di same ones they will haunt yuh fi cash
And dem see yuh and waan tek yuh stash
Same one a dem see di X5 and a beg drive
Dem same one waan yuh fi crash
If inna di start yuh did have true friends
Stick wid yuh true friends, watch out fi new friends
Becau dem a nuh nuh true friends
Nuff a dem a Smirnoff nuff a dem a HQ friends

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Chorus: until end]