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Lyrics: Bounty Killer – No Long Talking

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Bounty Killer lyrics No Long Talking
Bounty Killer No Long Talking lyrics

[Verse 1]
Right yah now mi no ina no long talking
We have the thing dem wa glistening and sparkling
Some bwoy a flip but dem felf like dolphin
Some big dog without teeth weh love barking
Ask him a who meck him flossing
Some two face bwoy weh love double crossing
Suh when we buck dem no question we ask him
How dem fi diss the boss

Suh mi she mi hear wa dem she but me no care wa dem she
A one a way we chad so we no care weh dem deh
And any bwoy no like it stay weh dem deh
A chat off dem mouth wa dem feel she

[Verse 2]
Wi know the streets from we little an a grow e no
We have machines from the one dem wa sow e no
Fi the big dogs dem we have the john crow e no
A bounty killa dem a try over throw e no
How dem she dem fast but dem still a move slow e no
Dem off key like dem loose a big toe e no
This a no story bout no Juliet and no Romeo
You better listen to mi Patton and mi flow e no
But mi liditly like ranking true e no
No bicycle ball like squeaky Joe e no
Look how the gal dem sexy an a glow e no
And some bwoy a take stitches an sow e no

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Verse 3]
Well mi bad from mi little bit
From mi a shoot brown dove a shoot grass quit
Now mi big the ponk dem no affi ask this
When mi chalk it it rise like a fork lift
How you fi war without money ina you pocket
You little carless life you come lost it
Don’t you know she Marcus endorse it
And no little waste crosses cant cross it

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

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