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Mavado Calls For Gullyside Truce, “We Are All Family”


The Gully Gad Mavado has spoken and he wants peace.

Mavado has stepped forward to call for peace among present and former members of his Gully Squad.

MUSIC: Chipmunk & Mavado – More Money More Gyal

“Gullyside is a family and its not like a family because of fame and riches,” Mavado told Entertainment Buzz. “We are family because we all share the same journey. But throughout the journey its not every man going to stay. Because even the little thing that went down with Chase and Flexx, it need to just done no matter where it start.”

Mavado comments came just days after an alleged fight between Flexx, Savage and Chase Cross at a Weddy Weddy party in Kingston.

Mavado is currently in the United States working on an upcoming mixtape and an album.

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