Vybz Kartel Teacha’s Pet Episode 6 Uncut [Video]


The remaining girls on Teacha’s Pet got a chance to flaunt their assets in spray paint and half bikini. However, that was not the highlight of episode 6 of the popular reality show. It was the fight between Atlanta aka Foxy and Tami that ignite the set.

After getting up close and personal with the Worl’Boss, Atlanta was on her way to her room when trouble struck. She was pushed in the pool by Tami, making a big splash on her way in. Before everyone realise drama that was about to unfold, Atlanta was out the water, heels off rushing towards Tami like a Pitbull. Director Jay Will and a few other crew members became the referee, which was a big mistake, as punches and kicks start to throw.

Who won the fight? Watch video below.

Must be over 25 to view.

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    omg sick

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    omg sick

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    man this is some freak a$$ sh*te.

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    hahaha world boss.

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    The Bachelor. Jamaican style looool.

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    tami too jealous of atlanta be cus katel paying more attension to atlanta big up y self foxy