Vybz Kartel Before and After bleaching

Since Vybz Kartel hit the dancehall scene some 10 years ago, the artist undergo drastic changes from extremely dark skin to extremely light skin.

Peep some photos of Vybz Kartel transformation below.

  • fool vybz chi chi u nuh look.

  • fool vybz chi chi u nuh look.

  • gazaaaa me say aha! aha

  • gazaaaa me say aha! aha

  • gaza wi ting deh! every ting u do dem falla! hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm

  • gaza wi ting deh! every ting u do dem falla! hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Riano

    vybz cartel is a chi chi man

  • self hate

  • murda him white ee! frm black to white! lord wa mek people no luv dem normall colour..murda jak! SMH

  • mad

  • mad

  • Raphael Gathecha

    vybz,still the illest.Kenya loves you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay

    Some of these photos just don’t look real, but it is obvious that he went from dark to light skin. He looked like a sexy thang when he was darker. . . what a shame. . . As a sexy dark skinned sistah myself, I feel sorry for anyone who hates their own God-given complexion.

    • Krissyt

      gwan mi daddy do yuh thing mi luv yuh anyway as long as yuh still do and talk di things dem a u mek nuff a wi feel confidence in wat wi do. gogo dancing a my ting

  • JEN

    he is a fag.And a bullar

  • Graciouscharm

    For real…this was a decent looking man, and look what he is doing to himself..to think he actually think he look better…disgusting…and he is knocking down his race…what a shame..you have to do better than that…the blacker the better…is this the example you really what to send to your people Kartel…shame

  • Mani

    most of these pictures have been tampered with in Photoshop.. it s very obvious..

  • Milwaukee45

    White guys should never wear yellow.

  • Demus

    pure fu—ry a gwaan with kartel !

  • Jay

    like beenie man say ! Fada god help him !!

  • Juvenile

    vybz kartel is a icon inna jamaica and the badest DJ right ya now ! but him look sick with di bleach out face ! inna jamaica if a man bleach him a fi get bun ! cause bleach out skin a pure gal thing !!!! bombo ole !

  • Ranking

    bomboclat !! dem bwoy deh look like a vampire !! raceclat !!!!

  • Demus

    stop bleach !! and corupt di youth dem with your nasty cream to rated !! keep it real and mash up yourself !!